Flow With It - Turquoise Hematite . // . Healing Gemstone Stacking Bracelets . // . Gift that Gives Back - Plant a Tree . // .

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Gemstone: Turquoise & Copper Hematite

Dance with the waves, move with the sea. Let the rhythm of the water set your soul free this collection connects your decisions to the sway of the sea.

Flow is from our Salt Water Goddess Collection.

Turquoise reduces anxiety, tension, stress & anger. It works with the subconscious to bring out hope & flushes out negative emotions from the mind. Turquoise power clarifies the perception of beauty & promotes kindness & trust.

Paired with Hematite, which is the most powerful gemstone to use for grounding. It can help you clear away confusion and orient you toward practical action in the real world. It brings the energy of higher consciousness down through the chakras to your root, and helps you transform that energy into physical reality.

For every item sold, a tree will be planted. We plant trees with @onetreeplanted! Every tree makes a positive impact for nature, wildlife, and people.

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